BWell is on a mission to help you build a healthy lifestyle

BWell is making it easy and affordable to make better lifestyle decisions through remote personal trainers and healthy meal plans come to you. Our combos combine both to give you the tools needed to succeed in one package.

Build a Healthy Lifestyle

You know what two things contribute to a healthy lifestyle…
 Eat healthy daily and Exercise regularly.

That’s why BWell offers Toronto’s first 360 training and meal prep program that includes at home personal training and meal delivery.

What you eat regularly

BWell offers balanced meals to keep you fueled for whatever might come your way in a day. Make a good decision today and you’ll never have to worry about making a bad one during your week.

How often you exercise

BWell’s personal trainers work in fitness facilities across the GTA. We have our own gyms in residential buildings and can come to your home, building, or local community centre.

We bring both to you

Both eating and exercise habits are important to build the healthy lifestyle you deserve. BWell’s in-home complete package personal training help you meet your goals

Learn More About Combos

BWell’s combos include meal prep and personal training so that you can afford to build a healthy active lifestyle because we want you to be accountable, consistent, and spectacular.

Let us take care of your meal prep

We craft healthy homecooked meals with all of the macro and micronutrients you need to reach your fitness goals. Save time, money, and calories by making healthy eating decisions easier.

Trainers support progress and accountability

Personal trainers make your training safer and more effective. It doesn’t matter if you are just getting started or are looking to break through a plateau. BWell offers weekly training for people who want regular support and less frequent training options for people who are self-directed. Whether it’s weekly or monthly our trainers can helps you stay accountable and meet your goals.

The BWell Difference

Our packages combine healthy eating with regular exercise to keep you accountable and help you build the lifestyle you deserve.

Be Accountable

5x Weekly Meals + Monthly Training
  • 5 healthy meals every week with options for:
  • 1 free training session every 4 weeks

Be Incredible

10x Weekly Meals + 3x Weekly Training
  • 10 healthy meals every week
  • 3 training session every week

Are you a trainer?

BWell partners with trainers to help you offer new services to existing clients and book more training sessions each month.

Calories Burned

BWell has been helping our clients burn calories, get stronger, and live healthier lives for the past 7 years. There is a reason why clients have remained with us for that long. We know how to create results.